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Think, plan, execute, and reflect. Our set of skills, trades, and experience can help you reach your goals. The navigation requires the vision, momentum, and measured outcomes. 

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Social / Environmental / Digital Justice

Be the voice for the those who have been silenced, victimized, and traumatized. Devise a message through a movement, activism, and network. The outreach can be public or private for supporters. 

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Event Planning

Collaboration or additional support with equipment, labor, or design. Molding the idea with creative activities from participants, team, or professionals can excel the vision. Promotion, coordination, and security of the event will add to the success.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Gain additional support to jumpstart or further advance your business. Our 501(c)3 status will help you gain access to grant funds (public, private, or government). Grant management is available to strategize, budget, and outreach to other entities.

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Grant Writing

Writing development, budget outline, and draft documents is coordinated. Build a rapport with funders and community.  Submission, updates, research, and management is available.

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Native Design 01_edited.jpg
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Food Demonstration / Catering

Indigenous foods and plant-based foods are implemented with the menu. Delivery, food service, and presentation is available. Community events, family function, professional outlet, and ceremonial spaces are considered.

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Tai Chi: Balance for Hozho

Physical stretches and breathing exercises are exhibited. Understanding the importance of synchronizing body movements and breath to further control well-being. Techniques can be used to heal, prevent severe body injury, and stabilize mentality. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

All efforts are set in good faith as we unravel our gift. Time and energy will be focused on the target.

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