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What We Do

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What We Do

Our Story

In the midst of Diné Bikeyáh, Navajo Nation our Native people have longed experience poverty, substance/drug addiction, systemic racism, health care disparities, violence, mental health challenges, health inequities, food insecurity, and environmental dangers at alarming rates beyond the national norm. Diné land and Diné rights have been under attack for years due to exploitation and cultural assimilation by the US government. Our biodiverse and rich resources have been exploited by extractive companies and governments that are not unique to Diné land. Today, Diné people and other tribal communities still face legacies of colonization and modern-day exploitation that threatens our well-being. The western philosophy and government regulations are in favor of non-natives, leaving Native people in a slump. 

Recently, young Diné adults have dedicated their lives to truly uplift and strengthen the Navajo Nation. To achieve this, we stand together and network with our local leaders, community organizers, educators, and elders. Understanding this Fourth World of politics, commercial trade, fiat currency, policy, and jurisdiction, we stand for equality. The healing process starts with ceremony within and supporting each other as we are proactive. We inspire to encourage and motivative Native people to express themselves in a healthy manner while maintaining the natural warrior stance. 


As we honor our ancestor and serve our relatives, we unite for prosperity. We strive for evolution and prepare to emerge as we balance our Dine culture in this New World. Within our sacred lands, we will defend, demand, and expand our spirit to communicate with all life. 

Dine Introspective, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 community-based organization that has been in practiced since 2017 and established in 2018. Services include social justice, environmental justice, digital justice, and food sovereignty. We are a Native-led and Native operated organization. We are composed of young Natives, farmers, scholars, educators, and community organizers in the Navajo Nation.

Our Mission

Strengthening Indigenous communities and families through revitalizing our identity, resilience, and ancestral knowledge to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

 Our Vision

To think in beauty, talk in beauty, and walk in beauty

Core values

Education Awareness
Peer Support
Cultural Heritage
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