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Béésh Ast'ogii Be Iina
Arrowhead Lifeway 

Providing pandemic relief in the Northern Navajo Agency Area 

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Program Overview

Since the start of the pandemic, Arrowhead Lifeway was created to provide relief to families and individuals impacted by COVID-19. We understood families and individuals were afraid leaving their home and often times when they did, the stores were emptied.


We offer drive-thru services and drops offs for families who do not have transportation, tested positive for COVID-19, or lost their job due to COVID-19. We partner with our local leaders and community organizers from schools, senior centers, community health workers, and the local chapter houses who assist with distributing food boxes in their own communities. 


We have relied on grants, monetary donations, and networking with local organizations to create and supply food boxes. We purchase from local food vendors that are native-owned to redistribute the funding into local native-owned business that will alleviate the food insecurity in the communities and to benefit native-owned businesses that are affected by the pandemic. To date, we have served over 7,000 families in the Northern Navajo Agency area in 23 communities with nutritious food boxes content and cleaning supplies.

Our team consist of numerous of volunteers around the community willing to donate their time and energy to support families who are in need during this difficult time. We supply our volunteers with PPEs, snacks, and gas funds. If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a message. 

Arrowhead Lifeway 

With your generous donation, you will support the families affected by COVID-19.

Need Assistance?

If you are needing a food box or cleaning supplies please click below:  

Become a community organizer for your community

Arrowhead Lifeway is looking for local community organizers to distribute food boxes in your community. 

If interested please click below:

Arrowhead Lifeway's Instagram 

Our Supporters

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National Congress of American Indian

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Vegan Outreach

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Organized Relief Effort

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World Central Kitchen

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