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Enchant the Environment

Restoring ancestral food ways and traditional Diné agriculture techniques to support and sustain Diné food systems

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Program Goal 

To revitalize traditional agricultural practices and Indigenous food ways to improve food security on the Navajo Nation 

Program Overview

Enchant the Environment supports farmers and community members to revitalize their farmland and to reconnect with their culture and traditions through the program’s activities of land development and management, diabetes and healthy cooking classes, Indigenous foodways cooking, multigenerational mentorship and peer support, traditional farming practices encompassing Diné culture, and the use of farming equipment. We encompass Diné kinship through intergenerational mentoring to Indigenous farmers in traditional farming practice, revitalizing the farming land while valuing Diné language and teachings, and healing the community and land through revitalizing and consuming traditional foods.

Seeking Farmers 

Enchant the Environment is seeking 15 Indigenous farmers to reactivate 5 or more acres of their farmland utilizing the land development and management plan, labor, and seed program resources that will build intergenerational wealth and sustain food systems within the community.

Indigenous Food

We share multiple traditional foods recipes and cooking/preparing 

demonstrations through Zoom.

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Need Seeds?

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