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Our Work

The creation and progress of our projects has been developed with the intentions of healing the people beyond the eye. Education and re-defining our identity is reclaiming ancestral knowledge as we experience the 21st century. The practice of our native culture lingers within and must be expressed. 


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Family Circles

  •  Father Circle + Womxn Circle

Peer to peer support for community members to engage and learn from each other.  Historical trauma to life challenges is prevalent, but such obstacles should not allow us to abandon our harmony. Family members or relatives may not always be present for proper guidance. Circles are designed to express hardship, identify disconnection, build confidence, and amend relationships. 


Heartbeat & Speakers

The music production workshop educates the participants to understand the structure of creating a song. Poetry, music software/hardware, instrumental music creation, singing vocals, and performing recordings are lessons within the workshop. The goal is for the participants to build their talent to orchestrate music.

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Indigenous Culinary Art

Food demonstrations are performed in front of a live audience to educate cooking skills, cooking tools/utensils, and share recipes.  Re-introducing healthy foods by utilizing mainly indigenous foods and plant-based ingredients. The food has the power to heal, strengthen, and destroy the body. 


Enchant the Environment

Agriculture outreach to assist farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and herbalist. Revitalizing the land will lead to the growth of food security. Water is life and plants is medicine can network for the people to practice food sovereignty. 

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Arrowhead Lifeway

Pandemic relief service for families in need. Collection of community leaders combined their energy and resources to protect the people in the time of crisis. Care packages were assembled for distribution to overcome hardship.

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6 - Directions 

Community center is the vision to further advance our NN communities to evolve with entrepreneur skills, leadership, and cultural enhancement. The multi-purpose building will serve community members, professionals, and be a venue to coordinate outreach for the public. 

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