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Within the mountains of Dine Bikeyah, the people continue the relationship between the land and stars. Our guidance invokes in the hogan as the elements intertwine is where we dwell. Our rise before the Sun, will capture the mist as the lights beam to display a grand color of harmony. 

Upon returning to the sacred land, our understanding of trading post, school assimilation, religious organizations, and government regulations, we are punished for not adhering. Distant few have endured the system to further integrate and demonstrate colonialism. Those that remain dwindle by capitalism standards as majority of legit businesses are non-native owned. The tension between searching for opportunity and generating wealth must collapse to be self-reliant. 

6-Directions Community Center will be the center piece of entrepreneurship and tranquil as we unite for the NN. The multi-purpose facility will serve the people to devise and execute in grace. As we transcend, our health will grow and gravitate wealth to exceed to the next generation. Steady as the mountain and patient as the desert, we will combine our energy to re-define self-determination.

BSL smoke signals.jpg

Resolution Proposal to the Government Chapter

Dated November 2022, DI entered the Shiprock Chapter to address the people and present future plans of expansion. The people discussed and question such a project to understand the vision. Much interest multiplied as recommendations were expressed.

Screenshot (8)_edited.jpg

2nd Resolution Proposal

What about an even 3 acres... 1.7 was secured but we are building something here for the people.

Screenshot (10)_edited.jpg

Designated for Landing

From dust to bricks, molding cement, prevent the fallout, and the vision is painted for the marking of the calling. Smoke signals casted as the fire ambers breath and retrieve such warriors.

Screenshot (11)_edited.jpg
Native Design 01_edited.jpg


Exceptional Quality

Eco-Friendly Design
Self-sustainable and energy efficient with green technology. 

24/7 Support

Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech

First-Rate Materials

Licensed Professionals

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