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We are a Native-led 501(c)(3) community-based non-profit organization located in the Navajo Nation strengthening communities through social justice, environmental justice, digital justice, food sovereignty and energy conservation.

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Health Equity Gala

The Gala provides the opportunity to network with multiple businesses, organizers, and individuals. Celebrate the Dine New Year in style with great company. Our goal is to make an economic impact with local communities to inspire the people to become self expressive in a business manner while helping your neighbors. Proceeds will contribute to the 6-D Community Center in Shiprock, NN.


4:00 PM   -   Business Network

6:00 PM   -   Opening Ceremony

                 -   5 Course Dinner

6:15 PM   -   Cultural Dancers

6:30 PM   -   Fashion Show

9:00 PM   -   Music Performers

Food Menu

1st Course - Appetizer: Thinly sliced liver w/ Caul fat on a Bluecorn Tortilla

2nd Course - Soup: Local organic Pumpkin Puree drizzled w/caramelized Onion Sauce & Pumpkin Seeds

3rd Course - Salad: Leafy Green Salad w/ Chokecherry Viniagrette

4th Course - Main Entree: Buffalo Roast on Toast Oven Bread w/Red Chile Sauce, Roasted Creamer Potatoes, Local Corn

5th Course - Dessert: Blue Corn Porridge Parfait w/Berries and drizzle Red Berry Sauce

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