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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are rising Diné leaders in the Navajo Nation from various backgrounds.


Kyle Jim, Executive Director & Co-Founder

​Ya'a't'eeh, Taachinii nishli, Nadaa Dine bashishchiin, Bitahnii dashicheii, Todichinii dashinali. Kyle Jim yinishye. Kyle originated from the Navajo Nation and lives in the community of Shiprock. He is a community organizer and activist for over 10 years. His ambition as an Indigenous person is to evolve spiritually and transform his environment to greater heights. He chose to be a leader, accepts responsibilities, and take full credit of his actions. He reflects upon my ancestors, works with his relatives, and serves the children. 


Breanna Lameman, Chair

Breanna Lameman (Diné) is Red Running Into the Water People clan and born for the Corn People clan. Her cheiis are Folding Arms People and nalis are Bitter Water clan. She is from Shiprock, Navajo Nation. Currently, she is a graduate student at the University of Arizona in Health Promotion Health Behaviors in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health with a focus on Indigenous health and health disparities. She is also a farmer in the Shiprock community growing corn, melon, squash, and leafy greens.


Anthony Shermane, Vice-Chair 

Treasurer/Secretary  *Open opportunity!